Friday, August 1, 2014

Nonscale Nostradamus - Eiyuu Senki

She's dooooooone :D I guess this is my 9th completed kit (hard to believe I've done that few lol). When I first saw this kit I was in love and as mentioned in my earlier blog post I felt she needed a nice updated color scheme. She was very easy to build and the parts fit almost perfectly. I think the only problem I had was fitting her front hair piece to her head since there was a little bit of a gap. Now that I look at it in the photos there's a little gap too but I don't think it's too bad~ I also experimented for the first time with Pledge Future FloorCare (it used to be called a bunch of other stuff like Pledge with Future Shine or something) and it adds a lovely gloss to anything and everything you want. Maybe I'll do a post about it later sometime ^^

Sorry for the somewhat washed out pictures that look like they have filters on them, Nostradamus was a little difficult to photograph and I now see why a light booth is so handy >_< I'm also still working with the camera on my phone...which is I've also added a couple of her face and body which are truer to her real colors. Oh also she has this really cool base that I found at a thrift store and I even made some tiny candles to go on it! It was much easier to photograph her without the base though which is why it is missing.

Please enjoy the pictures below! I am also starting to work with this cool script thing that makes nifty thumbnails so you don't have to see a wall of photos. If you're interested in using this for your own blog I found it at