Thursday, May 30, 2013

GK Compendium Part 3: Putty and Priming

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 Hi, I'm back! Now that school is out I'm ready to start building GKs again and finally finish this WIP. I have to apologize first; a lot of the work on this kit was done when I had a few moments of spare time during the semester so I forgot to take a lot of pictures. Puttying and priming are very boring steps imo and some of it is easy (you spray stuff...with a can) so although this post is text-heavy I hope I can explain well enough and have the pictures provide a supplement. The next blog post will be my final one and will cover painting, sealing, and maybe some last touch-ups so look forward to that long one :)

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

GK Compendium Part 2: Sanding, Washing, Pinning

This blog post has also been crossposted over on my account on MFC here.

Hello everyone and thanks for reading my blog! Today I will be continuing my series of posts on how to assemble and display a garage kit. The previous post about supplies can be located here. I swore to myself I'd get this post out before school started so I'm glad I could finish it.

I really dislike prepping a kit; it's tedious and sometimes more work than it's worth. It's also boring to look at in photos since there's basically just a 'before' and 'after' photo lol. Hopefully this post will help clear up some confusion about the prepping process. If you want larger pics or are having trouble seeing the details just right click and open the image in a new tab :)

Part 1 is located here: Supplies and Background

GK Compendium Part 1: Background and Supplies

This blog post has also been crossposted over on my account on MFC here.

Hi! I'm Muntoe and today I've decided to write a blog about how to build a garage kit. This is one of my favorite things to do in my spare time and I've noticed a lot of people have always wanted to try building but don't really know where to begin. Today I'm going to give you a bit of background and then explain in-depth the supplies that I use. Prepare for a lot of text. There are MANY different ways and materials to build a resin kit but I am going to explain how I personally build resin kits. I hope this will help anyone who is unsure of how to start out.

1/1 Suno - Puni Color 23

This is my latest and 7th kit completed in January 2013. Suno was a contest entry and I had a lot of fun putting her together. This kit is small but has 39 parts so she was relatively challenging. Some of the parts didn't fit well so I had to use a blowdryer to reshape them. Suno also comes with an angry face that you can switch out. The pictures wash out a lot of the shading I did on each petal, the bows, her face, etc. which is a shame. Her dress is removable and Suno has really detailed frilly underwear on but I ended up gluing her dress on so all I have are pics as proof. :p I found the little duckies in a hobby store (I can't remember the brand). After I buckled down and decided I wanted to finish this kit it only took a week or two which surprised me because I usually take months to finish a kit due to school :)  This kit is hand-painted with acrylic paint. Thanks for looking!

1/8 Asagiri Kotori - Girls the Gathering

This was one of those half-impulse purchase kits that I wanted for a while and I found on Mandarake for a really good price. She was finished in July 2012. Something about this kit just makes me feel so happy and I think it's because of her silly grinning face LOL. Anyway, this kit was a dream to put together and required no putty work. I hated the original color scheme because brown is so ugly and I've never heard of Girls the Gathering before so I decided to paint her in green. Out of all the kits I've completed so far (even new ones) she is by far my favorite kit and I am so proud of her.

Thanks for looking and here are the pictures!

Nonscale Fuu - Samurai Champloo

Fuu is my 5th kit sculpted by Vice and completed in January 2012! This kit was actually a contest entry for a  garage kit blog I'm on. Fuu was my first larger scaled figure after a bunch of chibis and her cast wasn't the best so I was unsure if I could finish the task. Luckily I had time to paint her the way I wanted as well as eliminate ugly gaps on her neck and shoulder sleeves. Fuu was definitely more of a color study and it took large amounts of paint to get her pink kimono right lol. The sunflowers and base are meant to reflect one of the scenes in the last few episodes of the series and although I didn't have time to add leaves to the sunflowers I may tackle it someday! Thanks for looking and sorry in advance for the high volume of pics :)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Nonscale Kaito - Vocaloid

This is my 4th kit completed in May 2011 and the sculptor is Butsumetsu☆Performer. I found this kit by chance on when someone was getting rid of some kits they bought at Wonder Festival. I had never seen this kit and I couldn't resist Kaito's cute chibi form :) He is SMALL, the base he's on is one of those 40mm Warhammer bases. This was my first original kit and other than a few paint flaws I'm pretty happy with how he turned out!

Nonscale Nemuka - Original Character

My 3rd kit by the sculptor R.Glatt-CC! I finished this kit in January 2011. Around this time I really decided I wanted to take GK building seriously but this kit gave me so many problems that I was tempted to quit. I stripped the paint off of her little pajamas around five times because it didn't stick to the primer and kept peeling off. Her tan skin was a big problem too because I couldn't seem to get the color right.  I originally tried a lavender color scheme for her outfit but then switched to sea green because I liked how it contrasted with her hair. Thanks for looking!

Nonscale Koiwai Yotsuba - Yotsubato!

My 2nd kit was completed shortly after Araya in 2010 (which explains the crappy lighting). Yotsuba was relatively challenging for a beginner and I remember how I struggled to fix her to the base. The base parts came bent as well and I did not know how to fix it at the time which caused warping and the paint to peel off. Unfortunately when I moved this kit was not packed securely and she broke during transit. Currently Yotsuba is sitting in a box stripped of paint until I decide to repaint her again...

1/8 Kuga Araya - Cynthia the Mission

This is my first kit built sometime in 2010. At the time I didn't really know much about garage kits but I was excited that I could modify figures and turn them into my original characters! I added a little eye patch to this kit and changed the colors and thus my OC Tomoro was born :p Looking at it now this kit is really sad...there are so many problem areas and I went all out trying to use pens for her eyes. My biggest problem was that I didn't seal properly which gives the kit a dirty appearance on her face and stockings. These pics are pretty old and I wasn't proud of my skills which is why there is a lack of pictures. I would like to hope I've improved since then haha!

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