Sunday, September 6, 2015

Busy Bee Life and New Kits

Hello everyone, long time no post! I've been very inactive on this blog lately due to a combination of life and venturing out into the real world ^^ I don't want to bore anyone with the details but in short the past few months I've been enjoying gainful employment, moved into a house, and have been doing a bit of travelling (PAX Prime anyone?) so I haven't had much time to sit down and focus on my kits.

This is partially my fault since I now have no work space...the desk I've been using to build stuff on is actually my computer desk but now that we have a dedicated computer room I don't want to haul all my paints and stuff across the house and get everything covered in resin. >_> Hopefully in the next few weeks I'll be able to acquire a desk so I can sit down and focus on kits. This hasn't stopped me from purchasing a number of items though - I still enjoy hoarding and collecting resin when I feel like spoiling myself :p If it isn't clothing or cosmetics (another more recent obsession) it's garage kits hehe.

With that said I just wanted to show off a couple of recent purchases I've made since I've been wanting to gush about them for a while but I don't want to bother anyone. Silly me didn't realize that I could rant on my own blog!

Habenero-tan set by Midass

This was a complete impulse purchase I made on Mandarake back in May. I have no idea why I decide to buy this kit because I'm not familiar with Habenero-tan besides the fact that she's a mascot and likes to sit on a toilet (because it has to do with spicy food I guess???) but I couldn't pass it up for 2,000 yen. The coolest part is that this kit came with an original 4koma and post card. I'm pretty sure the post card is signed by the creator of Habenero-tan but it might also be printed on...either way the quality of the paper is really high quality and it's a pretty cool freebie. I did a ton of hunting on Midass but it appears this is either the only kit or one of very few kits they created so maybe they were just an unfortunate company that flopped. The kit is super straight forward and they're both very small so when/if I build this set I'll be sure to take a bunch of photos of all the bonus goodies.

Hagoromo-chan by Kilohana
AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! This kit is an absolutely dream of mine to own and I legitimately freaked out when I found this one for sale. A fellow GK acquaintance CinnamonSwirls recently decided to cut down on her kits and put this original one up for sale and I was lucky enough to see it and snatch her up. I have a very soft spot for small fantasy kits involving skinny/ethereal fairies and this figure is everything that I love all wrapped up into one convenient resin package. The level of detail is perfect for someone like me. To give you an example the flower on the top of her head has these little anthers (see pic to the right)...every single one of those anthers needs to be glued on separately and painted onto the flower petal base. You also can't really tell in the picture but she comes with a bunch of clear parts too! The snail, cherries, wings, little shoes, hair and a couple of other pieces are made of clear resin which adds a very interesting contrast to the rest of the kit. I've never painted clear parts before so I'll most likely have to bring out my airbrush for those. I could rant about this kit a lot because I'm so excited it's in my possession but again that will have to wait until I'm actually building it lol.

Little Bride by Munchkin

Forewarning: This kit is a recast. If you're not OK with that please just skip this little section since I'm not about to discuss the ethics of selling recasts on my blog atm. I really wanted this kit immediately since Halloween is coming up and I want an excuse to paint something a little spookier (not that this is all...). After my Mage kit I want to do something darker and a little bloodier and I've been eyeing her since I've seen so many beautiful versions of this kit. She's so versatile too! You can paint her to look more like a normal little girl or go completely Monster High and use all sorts of colors like greens and purples ^^ Every single build I've seen of her looks completely different and unique which isn't something you see too often. She doesn't have very many parts and is pretty small (~15cm fully built) so I'm hoping for a quick and relatively painless build. I have no idea what kind of color scheme to give her though...this will be my next kit though so expect to see a lot more of her soon.

That's all I have for now so thanks for reading ^^ I hope to post a lot more soon.