Monday, December 8, 2014

Life + Ques Q Chibi Remilia Updates

Hi everyone! It's been quite a while since my last post but I have received a couple of messages either on MFC or on other forums asking about my blog so I figured (HAH) I should show a little bit of what I've been working on and how life is going.

I am graduating in about two weeks and while I couldn't be happier it's kind of overwhelming and I'm not really sure how to handle it. I purchased my cap and gown today and it's just really weird hearing everyone tell me congratulations :S I still have an exam on Wednesday and finals next week and then it's time for the job hunt...but at least I'll have more time to work on GKs!

Other life stuff: my cute dog fractured both bones in his front left leg a couple of weeks ago and is going in for x-rays on Wednesday so I'm hoping that it is mending well. He acts like it's mending well and tries to run everywhere and jump on the furniture so I'm hoping that's a good sign. I also remember posting about making some life changes in my diet and they are working really well! I'm down ~20 lbs. so far and have less than 10 lbs. to go to reach what I think is my goal weight (think bc it's been a long time since I have been that weight >_>). For the first time in a long time I'm now in the "normal" BMI category so that is really exciting for me :D The bad part is that I haven't been working out that much so I need to start toning up lol.

And as promised I thought I would show what I've been working on. I actually haven't been working on the Mage from 7th Dragon. Instead I got in a huge Halloween mood and ended up almost completely finishing a kit of Remilia Scarlet from Touhou Project by Ques Q. I say almost because I finished priming and she is now sitting in a box waiting to be sprayed by my airbrush >_> I wanted to finish this kit before Halloween but as always school got in the way and I couldn't finish her in time. Soooo I would say look forward to this kit probably in mid-to-late January after I get back from my winter vacation and have some time to sit down and ponder my life decisions OTL

ANYWAY like I mentioned this kit is from Ques Q, the same people who make a lot of PVC figures. As far as I am aware the original circle that produced this kit was Gate River and then Ques Q picked the cast up and made a PVC of her along with a little pumpkin Flandre. Both of them are based off of an illustration by Yuge Sasatarou. You can view her (?) blog here if this art style appeals to you: Yuge Sasatarou's Blog

The PVC versions of these figures are also really cute but I decided to skip out because I already had the resin version of Remilia and I was not as big of a fan of Flandre.

Cute but also their bases ended up being black squares :/ On the right is the Gate River official pic.
The PVC figures just aren't doing it for me because I wanted to change the color scheme a little bit and make Remilia's colors a little darker. She's a really cute kit but the PVC version is a little too bright and it looks like Halloween candy colors to me...that sounds weird haha.

So I actually found this kit on Mandarake and got a pretty good deal on her but if you are interested in this kit or ANY of Ques Q's kits actually I recommend you check out their website. If you use a proxy you can buy the kits directly from them here. The cast quality is excellent as I'll show you shortly and the price is reasonable for an original GK (about the same as their PVC figures) so I recommend you check it out!

The box is 14cm x 10cm x 7cm so it's pretty small. I didn't measure how tall the kit was once I stuck her together but it is pretty much the same as the PVC (about 110mm). The parts sheet is pretty standard as usual and just tells you where to put the tiny details. I like how they put the DON'T RECAST in English as well as Japanese. Seriously guys if you can buy a great cast from Ques Q for a decent price don't settle for recast quality :(

Thanks Ques Q!
And now onto the pics of the actual product! I unfortunately don't have too many pictures of the building process for this kit mainly because it is a really nice cast. There were a number of air bubbles I had to fill in but I don't think I got any pictures of those. As always if you would like to see a higher quality photo simply right click and the photo in a new tab. The resin actually is that white. I didn't do any Photoshopping to enhance the colors which really says something about how clean the quality is. Unfortunately the Ques Q cast did not include a little resin base like the original Gate River cast. I have a ton of acrylic square bases though so I think that I can get Remi to fit on one.

Here are all of the parts. The details on the wings and the flowers are cast in a very fine sheet of resin that was easy to pull apart.
The head pieces fit in perfectly
Seriously this stuff was like paper thin
It took quite a while to shave off all that stuff but it's looking good now! The key to getting seamlines off of fine pieces is a sharp X-acto knife.
Getting a spooky bath

Having guidelines for the eyes is really nice, it's like that Girls the Gathering kit I had that's one of my favorites.

That's all the pictures that I have so far! There's still a couple more things I have to do before painting like making sure the pins still fit well, finishing filling in some air bubbles and then re-priming but other than that she's ready for some real enamel paints :B Thanks for taking the time to read this far and if I don't post before the New Year have a Happy Holiday season and a great New Years!