Friday, July 26, 2013

Quickie Update

Finally almost done with Len, just a few more putty issues with her skirt and then she'll be done “ヽ(´▽`)ノ”

Sneak peek:

She'll probably be done in a couple of days but now that I think about it I'm probably gonna wait until the WF fever settles to publish all the WIPs and finished pics...dang forgot all about that lol

Yay WF \o/ Too bad there's not that much I want but there are a few gems and things for resale I'd like. Damn though WF is getting expensive, everything I've seen is like 9-10k, even for less-talented sculptors :/ Seems like nowadays all I'm into is Touhou sculpts and original GKs..and the WTF of the season goes to Mad Hand's Amazon chick lol. Anyway here's my super want list:
Come to me my sweet grail OTL
Usagi from G-E+
Marisa from ReplyFrom...
Cute catgirl from QuailEGG
Super cute Cirno by Yutaka House
Hopefully there aren't like 40 Mikus this time and I hope that 7th Dragon Miku looks better cause her face is freaking scary lol. And MAGI FIGS PLEASE! Ok I'm done lol

Monday, July 1, 2013

Lots of quick updates!

Hi everyone :) I figured I'd post another little update about the progress of my Len WIP as well as some Animal Crossing stuff! The painting is going well on Len. I really only have her skin tone, a few spots on her outfit/details, the face, and shading to do before she's finished. Here's a shot of her face so far, it needs just a few more coats of paint before I'm ready to do the detail work on her like her eyes and mouth (*´・v・)

Introducing Momo!

Hi everyone! I updated some features on my blog like the Header, Affiliates, and Links because I have some fancy new artwork and a new mascot! I would like to thank Butcherer (or PineappleSkewer on MFC) for the wonderful job she did reinventing my ideas. Go commission some art, her prices are great and she does a beautiful job!

Now a little bit about my mascot~! When I in high school I used to draw a character named Momo (and sometimes Sumomo). Momo had a reputation among my friends because I'd doodle her on anything with a flat surface. After I graduated I stopped drawing her but  when I wanted to make this blog I immediately thought of her. Sumomo (Japanese Plum) and Momo (Peach) are two very different things but they go hand-in-hand for me and remind me of when I started getting into Japanese culture.

Here's a few quick facts about Momo:

Name: Momo
Personality: excitable, creative, thrifty
Hobbies: Building garage kits, painting, cooking (she's terrible)
Likes: Nature, playing games, painting, animals
Dislikes: Bugs (esp. beetles), cauliflower, rude people

See you next time!