Friday, July 26, 2013

Quickie Update

Finally almost done with Len, just a few more putty issues with her skirt and then she'll be done “ヽ(´▽`)ノ”

Sneak peek:

She'll probably be done in a couple of days but now that I think about it I'm probably gonna wait until the WF fever settles to publish all the WIPs and finished pics...dang forgot all about that lol

Yay WF \o/ Too bad there's not that much I want but there are a few gems and things for resale I'd like. Damn though WF is getting expensive, everything I've seen is like 9-10k, even for less-talented sculptors :/ Seems like nowadays all I'm into is Touhou sculpts and original GKs..and the WTF of the season goes to Mad Hand's Amazon chick lol. Anyway here's my super want list:
Come to me my sweet grail OTL
Usagi from G-E+
Marisa from ReplyFrom...
Cute catgirl from QuailEGG
Super cute Cirno by Yutaka House
Hopefully there aren't like 40 Mikus this time and I hope that 7th Dragon Miku looks better cause her face is freaking scary lol. And MAGI FIGS PLEASE! Ok I'm done lol

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