Monday, July 1, 2013

Introducing Momo!

Hi everyone! I updated some features on my blog like the Header, Affiliates, and Links because I have some fancy new artwork and a new mascot! I would like to thank Butcherer (or PineappleSkewer on MFC) for the wonderful job she did reinventing my ideas. Go commission some art, her prices are great and she does a beautiful job!

Now a little bit about my mascot~! When I in high school I used to draw a character named Momo (and sometimes Sumomo). Momo had a reputation among my friends because I'd doodle her on anything with a flat surface. After I graduated I stopped drawing her but  when I wanted to make this blog I immediately thought of her. Sumomo (Japanese Plum) and Momo (Peach) are two very different things but they go hand-in-hand for me and remind me of when I started getting into Japanese culture.

Here's a few quick facts about Momo:

Name: Momo
Personality: excitable, creative, thrifty
Hobbies: Building garage kits, painting, cooking (she's terrible)
Likes: Nature, playing games, painting, animals
Dislikes: Bugs (esp. beetles), cauliflower, rude people

See you next time!

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