Tuesday, August 13, 2013

1/6 Len - Melty Blood

Len is my 8th kit completed in  August 2013. There's a bit of a backstory involving Len; my boyfriend is a Type-Moon fan and Len is one of his favorite characters. One day when I was surfing Mandarake I found Len for 3,000 yen on Mandarake. I quickly asked him if he wanted her and he did :p Ironically he had a picture of this kit from years ago but had no idea where she came from. Funny how that works out haha

Len was completed using acrylic paints, a brush, and pastels. She was also part of a WIP series I created here so you can take a look at how I build figures. Although she was a pretty easy (even boring) build I'm glad that she came out the way I imagined. I'm especially happy with her eyes :)

Thank you for taking a look!

Here's a few panty pictures first :p I tried to use a wash to make them look more transparent, not sure if that worked out...
And now the rest of the clothed pics :p

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