Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Extra stuff: Puttying + Base

Since I didn't really have any room left in my WIP and I didn't want to drag things out I decided I'd just make a quick post about how I built the base and final work on my kit. I have never really built anything on a base before but I thought it would be cool if Len had a little flight of stairs so it looks like she walked down them and curtsied for a gentleman or something. I thought it would be easy...joke's on me LOL

Measuring the wood...it's a little too high here so I had to cut it down
After measuring each part I decided I wanted two stairs
Cutting the stairs out

Puttying/hiding gaps is pretty straightforward, you just have to have a lot of patience when it comes to seeing dents and errors. These gaps drove me nuts and not just because they were difficult...I was actually done with my kit a few days ago and when I was taking a few photos of Len she fell and the parts I puttied completely cracked -_______- Then when I redid them they cracked AGAIN so I just decided to reglue and fix the kit all over again. Anyway here is a few pictures of the puttying process:

^ I'm still wondering why her dress didn't just come in one piece...maybe because the arms would be too hard to attach? Either way I'm glad it's over lol

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